2017 HongKong Lighting Fair

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    Oct. 27-30, 2017, TRIECO LIGHTING attended and achieved complete ceremony of HongKong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition), which brings

    together state-of- the-art technology and the latest design trends in lighting. We show IP20 linear trunk light, IP54 linear trunk light, tri-proof

    light, and track light, got of thousands of attention and good reputation from different country and zone of the world..

    During the Fair, we not only accept many new customer, and but also the old ones to talk deep about the products and market. All of feedback will

    help us to improve our old products and design new trends light for our customers. What’s more, we enhance our specialty brand of TRIECO on the

    linear trunk light field and our leading design features.

    TRIECO will keep moving to show more unique design and welcome to meet you next HongKong International Lighting Fair.

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