DREAMBOAT-IP69K Triproof Light (1)
DREAMBOAT-IP69K Triproof Light (2)
DREAMBOAT-IP69K Triproof Light (3)
DREAMBOAT-IP69K Triproof Light (4)
DREAMBOAT-IP69K Triproof Light (5)
DREAMBOAT-IP69K Triproof Light (6)

DREAMBOAT-IP69K Triproof Light

Compared to most common tri proof light on the market, DREAMBOAT is more innovative to help customer to meet high requirement and minimize costs in various industrial application by providing more optics option and extremely easy installation and maintenance. Optical lens integrated, the light can be used at different height, meeting lux requirement for various applications. The end cap at both ends of the light can be opened for wiring joint without any tool by the innovative clip design. The PCB can be replaced very easily without any tool as well.


• Powder painting aluminum body includes die casting aluminum endcaps in both of side enables

• Optical lens inside brings various beam angles for different mounting heights 4~18m

• Simple wiring or maintenance thanks to tool free opening endcap

• High efficiency up to 160lm/w, light effect is 20% higher than the normal tri-proof light

• Multiple mounting kits support ceiling surface, wall surface, pendant mounting

• Independent components can be easily replaced the broken one, low maintenance cost

• Constant Light Output (CLO) enables to maintain consistent lighting output during long lifespan

• 5*2.5 mm² through cable inside, can be continuous connection up to 210 meters in 3 phase circuit

• 3 phase dip switch module to switch L1/L2/L3

• Available integrate in emergency battery, motion sensor, wireless control

• All aluminum lamp body, with high quality components, mainly target on high-end customer demand

• Built-in lens brings more scientific application of light distribution, satisfy the requirement of architect and project owner to intensity of illumination, reasonable and reduce energy consumption

• 160 lm/w light efficiency reach to the new energy label C, 50000 (@L90) hours life can apply for government subsidies

Dreamboat diffuser

Dreamboat Diffuser

Dreamboat lens optics

Dreamboat Lens Optics

General Data


 1540x76x80 mm, 1253x76x80mm




 White, powder painting

Protection rating



 54000 hours (L90B50)


 5 years



Technical Data

Working voltage

 220~240V AC

Operating Frequency



 25~75W, with dip switch

Power factor


Light source

 LED SMD2835


 Ra>80, 90 for optional

Color tolerance


Luminous efficacy


Color temperature

 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K

Beam angel

 Asymmetric 25°, double asymmetric 25°, 30°, 60°, 90°, 120° diffuser


 Non dimmable, 1-10V, DALI

Product Parameters

Surface mounting kits

Surface ceiling fixing kits

Each lamp requires 2 pcs

Cable suspension mounting kits

Steel cable suspension kits

Each lamp requires 2 pcs

Chain suspension mounting kits

Chain suspension kits

Each lamp requires 2 pcs

Adjustable angle bracket kit

Adjustable angle bracket kit

For wall mounting, each lamp requires 2 pcs

Cable protector

IP65 Waterproof joint

PG13.5, each lamp reuqires 1 pcs

Reducing valve

Reducing valve

For balancing the air pressusre of lamp inside and outside