Research of trunking system market


When the most popular trunking system lighting the large-scale open space applications like supermarket, warehouse, industrial hall in Central and West Europe. Many big players Philips, Trilux, Zumtobel, Regiolux, RIDI, Siteco, Veko etc occupied the market of trunking system more than 30 years. Alone the Philips one company has installed more than 4,143,000 meters TTX400 trunking in Netherlands in past 10 years (2003~2013). Imagine how many meters installation total for all those big brands? As conservative estimate the number is over tens of millions meters trunking includes increment and inventory are waiting for retrofitting or replacing to modern LED light, when 60% are still use the conventional T5/T8 fluorescent tube.

Research of trunking system market

Prospect of existing trunking system retrofitting

German company lichtline GmbH ( found the market vacancy of old trunking system retrofitting. Realized the huge potential like fluorescent to LED, lichtlite released CLICKLUX RELIGHT in 2014, the first universal LED retrofit module for 80% famous brand trunking. This product is produced by KONKA, which is famous Chinese appliance manufacturer.

As Chinese player enter this market since 2014, the market rule established by European big brand had been broken. More and more cheap and qualified LED retrofit module from China to competing with famous European brands. As the alternative brand LED retrofit module market becomes more and more known by importer, lighting designer, and end proprietor, the sales number of trunking retrofit market from 20,000pcs in 2014 grown rapidly to 200,000pcs in 2020.

Marketing analysis

Most reseller in trunking retrofitting market comprise small & middle wholesaler, distributor, contractor whom in industrial lighting filed. Mainly in the countries like Germany, Austria, Netherlands where is the birthplace of Trilux, Osram, RIDI, Regiolux, Zumtobel, Philips, Veko etc. The other countries which is near above also existed huge market because of radiation influence of those brands.