TAK ALYCE world’s debut


For retail stores, supermarkets and other specific places, the layout of shelves is often changed, suitable lighting solutions need not only light intensity, but flexible light distribution is more important. Our TAK ALYCE perfectly meets these needs through the advanced design concept of photoelectric separation.


Through TAK ALYCE, we offer a complete set of linear track lights including LED light source, lamp holder and in-track driver with integrated light source socket as per IEC 60061. Only 13.8 mm width of driver makes it perfect for all common 3-phases track rail.


ALYCE light source has 6 optical angles to meet the requirements of different installation heights and irradiation surfaces. Moreover, UGR 19, UGR 16 low glare LED modules are available. High-quality light brings more comfortable shopping experience for customers.

The benefits at a glance

  • Late-stage final configuration can be performed before delivery or locally during assembly
  • Straightforward, flexible, safe and reliable mounting of inline adapters in busbars
  • LED module can be replaced quickly without the need for tools
  • Serviceable and upgradable
  • Simple, safe and reliable assembly thanks to click-fit fastening
  • Encrypted base/socket system (prevents incorrect configuration of equipment)
  • Standardised base/socket system as per IEC 60061
  • LED module length 1200 mm or 1500 mm
  • Light colours 3000 K and 4000 K (others on request)
  • Luminous flux up to 4000 lm/m
  • Various light distribution characteristics
  • Future-proof as upgradable to new, more efficient module generations
  • No visible “gearbox” as the inline adapter is completely concealed in the busbar
  • The phases on the adapter can be set freely even after completing assembly
  • Suitable for flexible use thanks to tailor-made LED modules (light colours, light distributions), for everything from the shop environment with asymmetrically emitting modules for optimum rack illumination to highbay illumination
    – depending on the light spot height: they achieve optimum results with wide or narrow emitting optics
  • Low storage costs (no need to keep stock of complete lamps)