The end of the compact fluorescent lamp on February 25, 2023


On February 25, 2023, the EU will ban unballasted compact fluorescent lamps and ring-shaped fluorescent lamps (T5 and T9). In addition, from August 25, 2023, the T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps and from September 1, the halogen pins (G4, GY6.35, G9) may no longer be sold in the EU by manufacturers and importers.

The end of the compact fluorescent lamp

Lamps do not necessarily have to be replaced and lamps that have already been purchased can still be put into operation. Retailers are also allowed to sell affected previously purchased lamps.

What does this mean for businesses?

The ban on fluorescent lamps will affect many companies, as they will have to switch to alternative lighting solutions. This will require both huge practical organisation and a significant financial investment.

Apart from the investment, the new regulation will further encourage the switch from obsolete light sources to smart LED lighting which is, of course, positive. Such measures, which have been proven to yield energy savings of up to 85%, will ensure that LEDs are used in all public, private and commercial areas at a faster rate.

This switch to more energy-efficient lighting, such as LEDs, will result in significant cost savings in the long run. Not to mention, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

When the traditional fluorescent lamp is officially phased out (compact fluorescent lamps from February 2023 and T5 and T8 from August 2023), according to our estimates, in the next six years in Europe alone about 250 million already installed units (estimates for T5 and T8) will need to be replaced.

emented from the Triecoapp.


Embracing change is easy with Trieco

This critical juncture presents a great opportunity to go wireless with your LED retrofit.

Wireless lighting control projects are gaining popularity owing to their proven track record of reducing energy consumption, lowering operating costs, improving safety, and providing a transparent network infrastructure that can easily scale up with minimal disruption and installation costs. Here are four acute reasons why you should embrace change with Trieco.

Non-disruptive installation 

Triecois an especially great technology for refurbishments and building projects where cost-efficient solutions are sought that will entirely avoid the need for surface reconstruction – only the mains are needed to power wireless luminaires. There’s no new wiring or separate control devices to install. No network connections are required. Just order and install TriecoReady fixtures, sensors, and switches and you are good to go.

Easy conversion 

Triecoalso offers a stress-free way to integrate any non-TriecoReady luminaires or control products into a Triecosystem using our Bluetooth units. So, when converting an old fluorescent luminaire to LED, Triecois super easy to integrate into the old fixture by means of a TriecoReady driver.

Rapid commissioning 

Casambi-enabled lights are configured and controlled using our free-to-download app. Freed from the physical constraints of wiring, any additions or changes to lighting control installations can be easily implemented in the app. It’s possible to add or remove luminaires, to introduce new functionality and custom-made scenes at any time. It’s all done in the software, at any time, from anywhere.

The provision of human-centric lighting 

This opens the possibility to create highly personalized smart lighting networks. Prolonged exposure to harsh fluorescent lighting was known to cause eye strain. An excessive quantity of any light source creates discomfort. Therefore, catering to highly localized lighting needs across a large site, like a warehouse – where one size does not fit all – is paramount to workforce health and safety.  Tunable white light can help with the attention and focus of occupants working in dark spaces. Additionally, task tuning, where the local lighting level is adjusted according to the specific requirements at each task area, also helps improve visual comfort and safety conditions for employees. This can all be immediately implemented from the Triecoapp.